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Sizes and prices:

• Medium (40x50cm): 350€

• Large tall (50x100cm): 450€

• Large (65x90cm): 550€

• XL (100x100cm): 695€

• XL (120x100cm): 850€

• XXL (150x100cm): 995€


The price includes: hand painted frames on canvas with silver or gold acrylic, remote or personal (in Jyväskylä, Finland)  soul infusion activating energy healing .

Post and shipping costs are added.

Prices include VAT 10% in EU.

How to order:


1. Decide what size would be best for you and contact me: or tel. +358  40 7293416

2. I'd like to discuss with you in Skype (my Skype name is: antti.juhani.hayha) and we'll set the date for energy healing.

3. I have a few months delay for the deep soul portraits, so please be patient. If you wish, I will send you pictures of the painting during process. At this point, you may cancel the whole order. Not when the painting is ready, then the total amount of the painting will be charged.

4. When the painting is ready, I will present it to you by Skype and make an video (later to be found in YouTube). The painting will be well packed and sent to you. Shipping costs will be added to your order. Please note: if you are from North America or South America (overseas), we have to discuss about the shipping more detailed...

I'm Antti Juhani Häyhä, 48-year old Intuitive Energy Healer, Cammalot™ Reiki Seichem Master, Graphic Designer and Visual Artist from Finland.
My spiritual path began in my early 20's by reading all available parapsychological books from the local library.
After graduating from graphic designing school 1997 I started to attend several spiritual new age courses and also a deep healing process with a trusted healer. We went through many painful but relieving past life regression sessions.
My path as a healer and spiritual teacher started in 2004 after being a student of Asger Lorentsen and John Cosgrove. I was one of the founders of the Mandalatalo, spiritual center in Jyväskylä, Finland. Here I give healings, group meditations, teach intuitive Holy Healing healers.
Now I paint portraits of people's beautiful souls!
In my healing sessions I have witnessed so much beauty and divine light in people's being they are not aware. I love to give them the possibility to see the beauty and brightness they are in deeper level. 
This is my passion right now and my small part for easing humanity's ascension process.

     Thanks for submitting!